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Solan Valley Bike Trip – 2 Days and 2 Nights Under Rs.3000 (For Two)


Solan is a land that has a rich and multilayered history. It is the place where every nook and corner is steeped in the past. People say that the place was once inhabited by the Pandavas. There is a cave on the top of the Karol peak in Solan; People believe that the Pandavas resided here during their exile. Dagshai, one of the oldest cantonment towns in Solan, is the place where the Irish mutiny of 1920 took place against the British Army. Solan is also known as the “Mushroom Capital of India,” the place produces mushrooms in bulk and it even houses the Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR. Solan is also crowned the “City of Red Gold” as the town produces tomatoes in large numbers as well.

Travelers: The Lone Rider (Pawan Shakya) and Jitender Kumar
Bike: Honda Stunner
Distance Covered: 600+ kms
Dates: 12th July to 14Th July 2019


So, let’s start with the travelogue or the story of our journey to Solan Valley.

We had planned to visit Shoja (Himachal Pradesh) however the weather and unplanned things restricted us, and we ended up in Solan.

We had planned to leave Delhi by 8 PM on Friday night however we got late by 2 hours. Anyways, we started our journey at 10 and took our first stop at Sonipat, Haryana to refuel our bike. Our next stop was at Dhaba on Atta-Bilaspur Road in Ansal Town, Kambopura 109 km from Mukharba Chowk, Delhi. We had dinner and at 1:30 AM proceeded towards our destination.

After riding for around 60Kms we again took a stop for a tea break as we were feeling sleepy. We met a couple here going towards Shimla to celebrate his wife’s birthday. It was already 2:56 AM and Shoja was still 300+ Kms and it was raining. So, we decided to change our destination from Shoja to Shoghi (it’s on the way to Shimla). We left from there and had to take 2-3 more stops as it was raining all the way.

While on Kalka-Shimla road we witnessed many landslide spots and beautiful sceneries too.

We reached Solan by 12 PM and were so tired of riding the whole night that we decided to stay at Solan and not going beyond. We booked a Hotel named the city in or Sethi’s Hotel. The hotel was a big disappointment for us as it was in a very narrow lane and not parking was there. It was booked through however not Towels were provided no soap, bathroom was clean, but some weird smell was there.

Anyways we took a power nap and went on to explore the Solan main market. We had Dosa at baker’s hub the price was reasonable, and food was hygienic however we were still hungry and needed some heavy diet.

So, we went to Chanakya’s eating point. Prices were a bit high here, but we were hungry so after having our lunch we went to explore the market little more and went back to our hotel.

At night we again went to the market had dinner returned to our hotel.

The next morning, we left the hotel at 9 and headed towards Shimla. The cloudy and rainy weather was making the surroundings (green hills) so beautiful that couldn’t hold my self and kept clicking the pictures and videos till the time my phone got switched off.

After enjoying the weather and sceneries we headed back to Delhi by 1 PM. It started raining from solan and kept on raining till Rattan Garh part 2.

UPDATE: The Famous Sethi Dhaba has been moved 4-5 km ahead towards Ambala due to some dispute between the landowner the Dhaba owner. Don’t get confused as we did when we entered the old Dhaba (Renamed to Sethan Dhaba).

By 9 PM we reached home.

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