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Rishikesh/Dehradun/Haridwar Road Trip From Delhi – How To Reach nd What Documents You Need?


The Information in this blog is based on my experience of the Road Trip From Delhi to Rishikesh/Dehradun/Haridwar Road Trip (Dated 12 Sept. 2020 to 13th Sept 2020)

Mode Of Transport: Chevrolet Spark
Number Of travelers: Two (The Lone Rider – Pawan Shakya & Deepak Bisht)
Total Cost Incurred: Below 6K
Trip Duration: 1 night 2 days
Documents Required: Please read the blog


Even though Govt. has relaxed the norms but still states like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh ask for certain documents to show before entering their boundaries.

Some people in the travel groups were saying if you are traveling from Delhi to Rishikesh, you just require the E-pass and some were saying you require both the documents.

Since it was Friday and COVID reports would require 2 days to come, we just applied for an E-pass and started our journey to Uttarakhand.

In Uttar Pradesh, we don’t require any E-pass or COVID report hence we crossed it with ease. we even entered Uttarakhand without any documents being checked but before entering Dehradun, we were asked to produce the documents.

Little worried about not having the COVID report with me I went to the person sitting at the counter shared the e-Pass registration number. He asked me for how many days I will stay in Uttarakhand to which I replied we will be leaving on Monday. So, he gave me a slip with some numbers and dates and allowed me to enter Dehradun.

Wow! that was quick and easy, we drove for an hour in Dehradun city, had lunch and left for Rishikesh.

In an hour we reached Rishikesh city, but we were stopped way before Lakshman Jhoola and were asked to share the ID, E-pass and COVID report. At first they guard did not allowed us but later we somehow convinced him that we are local (My friend was from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand) we passed that check point.

after a kilometre from Lakshaman Jhoola we were again stopped at a checkpoint were sent back since we didn’t had the COVID report with us. Disheartened with the fact we can not go further we returned Lakshman Jhoola clicked some pics and explored some ways to pass that checkpoint.

Locals at the parking told us that camping and other activities are closed at Rishikesh, hence its not worth visiting there. Even we could feel that all the adventure activities were shut.

They Also told us that River side camping is permanently stopped in Rishikesh. From there we decided to head towards Haridwar.

By night were in Haridwar with empty streets (very very less crowed). Booked a AC room in some hotel in a narrow street for Rs. 500/- only.

In the morning we left our room and headed towards the river to see the Ganga Aarti. To our surprise streets were completely empty at 4:50 AM.

My friend who has visited several times before said that before corona streets used to be completely packed with people.

I am not sure weather Ganga Aarti happened or not since we could not hear were at Har ki Paudi at 5:05 AM. Again the crowed was very less.

Conclusion:- If you are planning to do Camping and River Rafting in Rishikesh, It is not worth visiting there. For now, everything has been stopped but at the same time, it is the best time to visit Haridwar as there’s less crowed and hotels are easily available at much cheaper rates.

Documents: You just require an E-pass to visit Dehradun and Haridwar but for Rishikesh, you would require the COVID negative report too along with your ID and E-pass.

Note: COVID negative report should not be older than 24-48 hours from the traveling date.

Apply for E-Pass To Enter Uttarakhand

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