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Lambi Dehar Mines – Night camping near one of India’s most haunted places!

Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambi Dehar mines were operative till 1996 before the Indra Gandhi’s Govt imposed a ban on it following the deaths of 50K+ laborers, several accidents (Trucks falling down the hill), and the protests from human rights activists.

Since then people reported paranormal activities around that area. Locals say that they heard people screaming, crying for help, some saw the shadows and some even reported seeing a vehicle coming towards them or their vehicle and getting vanished suddenly. Lambi Dehar Mines is considered one of the most haunted places in India.

Now there are two different stories of how 50K+ people died here.

  1. Lambi Dehar mines were famous for limestone mining. As per reports people working here were directly exposed to the limestone dust which made their lungs unhealthy and that lead to their death. It is reported that people were made to work here without any protective equipments. Hence, when the mass deaths were reported human rights activists posted for the ban, and finally in 1996 mines were banned to operate.
  2. The second story says that around 50K laborers were inside the mine and due to a blast near the mine they were buried alive inside the mine. And ever since then the mines are haunted.

On Oct 2nd, 2020 I and my friend Jitender went to do camping near George Everest, completely unaware about the fact that Lambi Dehar Mines are also situated there.

Around 5 AM we met at Vikas Puri traffic light and started our journey. We were so excited as this was our first ever camping alone (not in the pre-setup tents or camps). After 8 hours long bike ride we reached our camping site and met Mr. Shoaib, he took us to the spot we had discussed on call with him for camping.

It was a beautiful place far from public interference. We could feel the fresh breeze and nature.
We installed our tent and collected some wood for the bonfire.  It was an amazing experience but then, Shoaib Ji came to us and asked

Shoaib – are you guys afraid of ghosts?

We (casually) – Na, Kyu yaha bhoot bhi aatey hain kya ?

Shoaib – The hill in front of you is haunted, close to 50K people died here. They got buried inside the Lambi Dehar Mines following a bomb blast at the site.

We (Still Casual) – Ghosts… we will handle, is there any danger of wild animals here?

Shoeb (Causally) – haan, you may encounter leopard or wild cats but that is rare.

We were more frightened by the fact that there’s a danger of wild animals like Leopard and wild cats than the fact we are camping near Lambi Dehar Mines. Maybe because have heard about these mines for the first time in our lives and were unaware of the fact that Lambi Dehar Mines is actually among the top 5 most haunted places in India.

By around seven PM, it was so dark that we could not even see our tent after stepping out of it. We were so scared that we made sure we stay together and not go far from each other. There were a hell lot of sounds coming from all around and the wind was blowing very fast and the temperature was dipping down. After around 20 minutes we decided to go and check our bike. The place we were camping was like a narrow cliff and were the only two camping here. We called shoaib Ji to arrange the dinner for us (he has a shop at the roadside, approx 500mtrs from the place we were camping).

We lit the bonfire tried clicking some pictures and videos. While we were sitting near the bonfire I felt the presence of someone else but ignored thinking that it might be wind in the bushes around us.

I made a time-lapse video of moonrise, my mobile was set on a tripod and was kept in place keeping in mind that wind won’t blow it away. We checked the video and it was perfect, (but when I checked the video again after reaching home video was too shaky while the moon was rising and at the same point of time when I had felt the presence of someone multiple times – Check the complete video of our camping here – Night Camping At Lambi Dehar Mines).

After having dinner I went to sleep. Shoaib Ji told us that if we are lucky we could see the Milky Way at night so I set up the alarm for 2:30 AM but since I was so tired I realized the alarm was ringing and woke up at around 3:15 AM (It snoozed multiple times) but could not see it. Clicked some pictures of the stars and went inside the tent. I was about to get inside my sleeping bag when Jitender told me he heard people screaming.

I replied to him saying he must have heard the sounds of wind but he said, he heard it twice and it was clear, it was a group of people screaming for help. He even said he felt like it was coming from the hill in front e.i. Lambi Dehar Mines. I said ok , we will talk about it in the morning.

I may be sounding like a very brave person but honestly “Bhoot k Naam pe meri fat jati hai”, and I am the person who had experienced ghosts in the past. So I was scared but was trying to calm myself.

In the morning I woke up early since I could not sleep after what Jitender told me about those screams. Got out of the tent started clicking pictures and videos. We went to shoaib Ji and enquired about the Lambi Dehar mines again. We decided to explore the mines before leaving for Delhi.

Had breakfast kept our bags with Shoaib Ji and went to explore the mines. Now there are two parts of the mines:-

  1. Which is easily visible from the main road and many people visit this place and many youtubers have made videos claiming it to be the Lambi Dehar Mines but actually it is the administrative block for officers of those mines.
  2. Second the main mine which is situated on the opposite hill and only way to reach there is tracking.

We decided to go to the main Lambi Dehar Mines first. We have stayed at this place for two days and literally never seen anyone going that side. Roads were completely broken making it difficult for us to ride the bike till the point from where we had to track. Place was that silent that we could hear the sound of the bike echoing. After reaching half the way jitender stopped the bike and said

Jitender:- Pawan, mere hissab se aage jana theek nahi hai. We are the only two here and do din se humne kisi ko jaatey hue bhi nahi dekha hai iss jagah.

Since i was scared too but was trying not to show it to him I said,

Me:- Darr gaya kya ? abbey din hai abhi jaake video shoot krke wapas aa jayenge zada time nahi lagayenge.

Jitender :  Nahi yaar, Bhot time lag jayega and fir Delhi k liye bhi late ho rhe hain hum. Next time aayenge aur logo k saath tab chalenge

Me : theek hai bhai ab tu nahi jana chahta to koi baat nahi next time aa jayenge (Hurray I am saved :P)

After we both mutually agreed not to visit the mines we returned to administrative block shot some videos and left for home.

Please do share in the comments if you wish us to explore the Lambi Dehar Mines in our next planned trip. If you wish to join us too please comment.

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