New Year Bike Trip From Delhi To Shimla

A Bike Trip From Delhi To Shimla

Shimla Bike Trip


New Year 2017 Bike Trip From Delhi To Shimla

Distance 352 Kms (One side)

Dates: 29th Dec 2016 to 01st Jan 2017

Riders : The Lone Riders (Deepika & Pawan Shakya), Krishna, Chetan and Indu Sharma (Chetan’s wife)

Number Bikes: 3 (Suzuki Gixxer SF, Bajaj Avenger & RE Classic 350)

Day 0 – Day Prior to our journey

I along with my friends (Chetan and Krishna) went to MotorClub (near shadipur metro station) to collect the bikes on rent. Chetan and I wanted to rent Bajaj Avenger as we both were travelling with our wives, however unfortunately they had only one avenger available with them (All other bikes were booked). Chetan said he wanted the avenger as he won’t be comfortable on any other bike with wife on such a long ride, so I had to step back and choose some other bike.

I checked all the available options (Duke, FZs, Bullet etc.) at motorclub but was not able convince myself for another bike over Bajaj Avenger and at last my friend Krishna suggested by me to borrow Suzuki Gixxer SF from one of our school friends (Rajashekhar) and also a member our biking group (The League Of Riding Devils). We called him for the same and he agreed to offer his bike.

Krishna and Chetan collected the bike from Motorclub and we headed to our homes for the preparation and packing our bags. I went to Rajashekhar’s place to collect the bike and reached my home by 8PM.


Day 1 – (Delhi To Shimla) 

Me Along with my wife reached Krishna’s place by 2:30AM as we all had decided that our starting point of the journey would be Mukharba Chowk and we will gather there by 4:00 AM. Before leaving from krishna’s place I called Chetan and asked him to be on time.

We left from Vikaspuri at 3:30 AM and reached our starting point before the decided time. After reaching there we called Chetan to confirm his location, but he didn’t pick the call. We waited for 10 min and called him again, but no use.

After waiting there for more than an hour, finally Mr. Chetan and his wife reached at our meeting point by around 5:00 AM. I wanted to take out all my frustration on him, but could not do so just because we had 2 females with us. Anyways, we started our journey with smiles on our faces and reached Sukhdev’s dhaba by 5:31AM. We had parathas and tea. Honestly speaking, parathas were not so good in taste but the tea was awesome. When we got out of the restaurant I felt like God wanted us to spend some more time in the restaurant, it was so chilling outside with the winds blowing to make us shiver like we are holding a jackhammer. I took out the doctor gloves I bought to stop the chilled air enter our gloves and wore them.

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We resumed our journey from there at 6:15 AM. It was so cold that my hands were almost frozen and I was not able to pull the clutch lever hence, we decided to stop at a dhaba on the highway. We had tea and biscuits. I really felt relieved holding a hot cup of tea.

After around 30 mins we resumed our journey and crossed Chandigarh by 11:00AM
It was 12:30PM when we stopped somewhere near barog to have lunch and by 4 PM, we were in Shimla.

As it was a peak tourist time all the hotels were booked, hence, Chetan got one hostel type hotel booked through one of his friends in Shimla university.
Why I called it hostel type hotel?
Instructions Given To Us by Hotel Owner: –

  • Do not make noise as there are students in other rooms.
  • Please don’t awake after 11 PM.
  • You will not be allowed to enter the hotel after 10:30PM.
  • For hot water, you would have to inform us 15 min prior. You will get a bucket of hot water. Etc.

As we didn’t have any options we said OK.

We got baths and relaxed in our rooms. Around 8:00PM Chetan called his friend who booked the rooms for us and he took us to some other place for dinner.

Day 2 Shimla To Kufri (30Th December 2016)

We woke up at around 8 or 9 in the morning got ready for Kufri and left our hotel by around 10 AM. We decided to visit the famous Jhaku temple first. With the help of Google maps and asking the ways from locals we finally reached at the place from where the real adventure started (not because the roads were in bad condition, but because the road was narrow and high enough to pull you back downwards and because that was the first time I was riding such a high road with a pillion). I saw one car climbed up and stopped in the mid and was unable to climb up. The moment car driver tried to reverse the car it came downwards so fast that it almost hit the car behind waiting down. I told my fellow riders to climb in the first gear only.

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I was the first one to reach up at the entrance coz Krishna was riding behind Chetan just to make sure he reaches safe (As sometimes we doubt his bike riding ability 😝). Jhaku temple has more monkeys than the visitors . We saw a monkey snatching a guy’s goggles and cap. I asked everyone not to flaunt anything or look at the monkeys else you will be trouble.

Chetan, Indu and Deepika went inside the temple and me and Krishna were enjoying the sceneries and clicking the pictures. After a few minutes, they all returned and we went to a site near the temple where the cable car facility was being constructed. On inquiring, we got to know that the ride was supposed to start/inaugurated in coming one or two months.

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We were so excited to be at Kufri because this has been the first time ever we would get a chance to enjoy in the snow (This is what we were expecting 😝) but mother nature wanted something else. We reached the place from where one can hire a horse to ride up to Kufri as there’s no way to take your car or bike up there. People asked for ₹500 Per person, that was too much so we decided to go by walking. The way was full of horse manure and dust, at times it was very difficult to breath. Somehow, we managed to reach up at the top “Kufri” and it was the biggest disappointment for us ☹. We could not find any snow there, moreover, it looked like a small market ☹.

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We should have listened to the people who asked us not to climb up, its just the waste of time. Anyways, after wasting our time up there we came down and it was getting dark by then. The roads were full of traffic jams. We managed to reach back to our hotel by 8 or 9 PM. After having dinner, we spent some time together in my room and then came the guard

“Aap log soye nahi? please shor mat kijiye baaki log disturb ho jaenge”
We were like WTF abhi to sirf 10 Baje hain. We were forced to sleep ☹.

Day 3 – Shimla (31 Dec 2016)

We woke up late as it was the last day of the year and we had decided to spend our night somewhere away from this Hitler’s place I mean so called hotel hence, we left for the mall road at around 4 PM. As it was a new year’s eve, roads were flooded with vehicles and people. We reached the mall road at around 6 PM and bought some stuffs for our family members and ourselves.

While we were shopping we received a call from the hotel that the weather is getting worse and we should return to our hotel as snow fall may happen anytime. He also told us that if snow fall happens then we may not be able to return and would have to spend the night there only. We bought everything in a hurry and proceeded towards our bikes, but by the time we reached mid of the way the weather was clear and then we decided to spend some more time.

We saw this place “Johnnie’s Wax Museum”, after so many yes and no’s we finally decided to get in we clicked so many pics there and did some stupidities as well 😝. The caretaker was our camera men till the time we were there, we could feel that guy was tired of us 😝.

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It was 11 PM when proceeded towards Ridge to witness the new year celebration. As we were walking up, we saw many people getting drunk and creating nuisance. In fact, one guy misbehaved with a couple and later indulged in a fight. It was very uncomfortable for us, the way people were behaving there. We were able to survive for 15-20mins and decided to go back to mall road and have some food.

Every restaurant was either full or out of food (closed) finally we found KFC and Mc Donalds. We ran inside like Zombie runs after humans. Set of the seats ordered lots of food and began eating like we haven’t had anything since decades 😝.  We heard the sounds of firecrackers, then checked the time it was 12:01 Am and the time to wish each other a happy new year.

After finishing our food we went straight to Hitler’s place. By 1:30 AM we reached our hotel had some fun just for an hour as the guard came and said “Aap log so jaiye baaki log diturb honge aapke shor se”. Krishna was so frustrated with this that he shouted several times just to annoy the guard 😝.

Day – 4 Shimla to Delhi

We left our hotel at around 9 AM and reached Delhi by 7 PM.


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