Haunted Story Of Gata Loops A Ghost Who Is Thirsty And Hungry

It is a story of a poor helper and a truck driver Stucked at Gata Loops.

Several years ago, It was late October.
It had already started to snow at few places and it was the last truck before the Rohtang Pass was closed due to heavy snowfall.
The driver was warned but, he had a time limit to reach Leh.
He managed to drive the truck safely to the GATA LOOPS
but, it was broke-down and came to complete halt at one of the Gata Loops.

The driver tried but couldn’t fix and gave up after trying for hours.
They waited for someone to pass and get help after a long wait driver decided to walk and get help from the nearest village.
He left the helper with the truck as he was ill & he couldn’t walk.
The driver walked miles only to find a small village with no mechanic living there.
He somehow called help from Manali through a phone call
but, it started snowing heavily and he was stranded in village.
It was impossible for him to walk back to his truck.

After several days help came from Manali and they all hurried up to the truck only to find his helper died of thirst, hunger, and freezing temperature.
He was buried there by the villagers, at the spot where he died on Gata Loops.
When the Pass opened next year, people noticed a beggar
waiving at the vehicles passing and begged them for water.
People who offered the beggar some water, saw the bottles drop right through his hands.
The word spread and sure enough people were scared of the ghost
thinking that it might harm them if they stopped or curse them if they didn’t.
In order to pacify the ghost; the locals set up a small temple at the spot where he was buried and made offerings of water.


Since then, whoever passes by and is aware of the story leaves some water at the temple, as an offering.

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